June 19th, 2015

full steam ahead

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  • Thu, 12:34: 26 essential science fiction novels to get you ready for tomorrow http://t.co/90cI0vwkDK #zdnet
  • Thu, 17:26: The Google maps on IOS figures show why being preloaded or built in on mobile matters so much. Microsoft has to have devices as part of this
  • Thu, 17:26: RT @docjamesw: Ok @texmandie let me state it differently. The worst presenters are the ones who think they are good and need no help.
  • Thu, 18:11: RT @LoungeFlyZ: Add-ins for Word on iPad are now available. Update Word from App Store to get it. #Office365 #Office365Dev http://t.co/J0v
  • Thu, 18:12: RT @getwired: New Intune capabilities for Outlook on iOS and Android - Office Blogs https://t.co/gZuTZyvQsa
  • Thu, 18:52: Sees an ad company putting out an anonymised data set for machine learning. Wonders how long before an ML system de-anonymises the data set
  • Thu, 18:54: Everyone at Microsoft *always* believes there's more overhead to be removed ;) they also always believe the overhead is someone else
  • Thu, 18:56: RT @dstorey: We’re open-sourcing new and a number of existing web platform demos, and built a new Test Drive to showcase them http://t.co/K
  • Thu, 19:00: RT @edbott: New Gartner report: Microsoft sold 1.7 million Surface devices in 2014, on track for 3 million this year. http://t.co/SyxYPIaCPC
  • Thu, 21:26: I really do have a bridge for sale. The iron balustrade from Westminster Bridge is for sale, one lot, careful owner (paranoid about shrapnel
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