June 1st, 2015

full steam ahead

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  • Sun, 12:54: RT @StartupLJackson: I'm often tempted to liken Silicon Valley to Logan's Run, but fear nobody here is old enough to get the comparison.
  • Sun, 13:01: RT @josephsirosh: Machine learning & program synthesis helps data wrangling in Excel http://t.co/5kLQLlDQzk #Azure #AzureML #datascience #M
  • Sun, 13:02: RT @mcclure111: Imagine what the Macintosh would have been without Susan Kare. WELL APPARENTLY THE PRODUCERS OF "JOBS" DID
  • Sun, 21:10: Not caring about privacy because you think *you* have nothing to hide is the ultimate shortsighted "I'm alright Jack" viewpoint
  • Sun, 21:12: RT @harrisj: I guess I should start calling myself a “10x rockstar ninja” because I am able to put out the trash every week like a normal a…
  • Mon, 02:08: seem to have accidentally written the 1st conversation between Cassidy & Puck. Their origin story wasn't what I was planning to write next!
  • Mon, 02:18: RT @scott_humble: @tomwarren You're right. It isn't ready for a July release. It is the end of May. @jarwidmark