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14th April 2015

My tweets

  • Mon, 17:18: RT @maryjofoley: MS refreshes Azure Media Services with live encoding, cloud video platform, more: http://t.co/wBA4YRJ1aO
  • Mon, 17:19: RT @maryjofoley: Kurt DelBene is coming back to MS as head of Corporate Strategy & Planning. Will report to Nadella: http://t.co/wCwU4ELc7c
  • Mon, 17:21: RT @the_pc_doc: Sorry PR folks, but if I responded to every PR email I got (even with just a 'no thanks') that would then be my full-time j…
  • Mon, 18:54: Someone on freecycle is offering a pickaxe, a sledgehammer and a fish tank. I really want to know the story behind that ;)
  • Mon, 19:28: RT @arebee: Add OpenSearch AddSearchProvider back to Spartan like IE, Chrome and Firefox https://t.co/3r8UAIiLO2
  • Mon, 19:43: RT @neiltwitz: Vodafone CEO Vittorio Colao: on Facebook's free-of-cost internet plan: "It is almost like Zuck does philanthropy, but with m…
  • Mon, 19:46: RT @reckless: @jackpillard @gassee I am sorry if I don't dress like you, or act like you, or think like you. I will continue being my own d…
  • Mon, 19:49: RT @sbisson: Remember that you're all part of the Legion Of The Odd. Because there's going to be something on the internet you can't even.
  • Mon, 19:54: @petesouza I love the past-the-engine shot Amanda took but makes POTUS look like an action hero running to a mission;) Silhouette effective
  • Mon, 19:58: RT @jeffsand: @Jon_Ferrara @SSomasegar Developers are our core. I came back to ensure every Developer, every IT Pro knows what we have and …
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  • 23 Oct 2016, 01:42
    Really, it's the terrible thing about developers which is the same thing as...
  • 22 Oct 2016, 22:44
    Re: the IoT botnets.

    The GREAT thing about the Internet is that anyone can put anything on the Net and get connectivity.

    The TERRIBLE thing about the Internet is the same as the GREAT thing.
  • 26 Apr 2016, 06:34
    thank you!
  • 23 Apr 2016, 10:53
    Happy (belated) birthday!
  • 10 Jan 2016, 16:09
    The beer doesn't resemble anything I've ever had in Shibuya. Can't speak for the fish'n'chips -- there's a pub chain called the Hub in Tokyo that does fish'n'chips but I've never tried them.
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