March 25th, 2015

full steam ahead

My tweets

  • Tue, 12:39: RT @josefajardo: I wonder if Multi-Device Hybrid C# apps are the Xamarin iOS/Android apps or something completely new ?! :)
  • Tue, 14:20: I wonder if I can get under inbox 1000 today (by filing unread mail from years gone by rather than actually reading it)
  • Tue, 14:23: With nearly 50 different services on Azure, it makes sense for Microsoft package up bundles of them that fit together
  • Tue, 14:24: But it does feel like "app" is the new .NET for slapping into a service name whether it makes sense or not. Azure Websites now Web Apps?
  • Tue, 14:25: And is the Logic Apps service more like IFTT or more like WCF workflow? It's certainly past time for BizTalk as a Service
  • Tue, 14:41: Controllers in Azure App Service API Apps
  • Tue, 14:44: What are you making? Oh just an Azure App Service API App to go with this Azure App Service Web App and this Azure App Service Logic App
  • Tue, 14:50: mem to self; put your socks on BEFORE the cat immobilises your legs
  • Tue, 14:56: List of Connectors and API Apps in the Azure App & you can make your own. Why no @msonenote ?!
  • Tue, 15:02: Nice to see Twilio in the Logic App connectors for sms
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