February 20th, 2015

full steam ahead

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  • Thu, 12:31: Search might be how we'll know we're watched over by machines of loving grace ; techno-optimism by @stefanweitz http://t.co/6jxeC3Tcyr
  • Thu, 12:42: It's 25 years since I covered the UK launch of PhotoShop (as it was then called) for MacPublishing magazine. Coo, etc
  • Thu, 12:51: Spam me and have the unsubscribe go to a test page? Welcome to the junk mail folder and public shaming, little spammer
  • Thu, 12:58: RT @edbott: I hope no lawyers are injured in the stampede to sue Lenovo. Because it's going to be like Pamplona...
  • Thu, 13:00: Journalists; PCs are filled with crapware by OEMs. OEMs; it's value add software. Sorry, we mean it's ad software that makes us money
  • Thu, 13:05: the link for free extra OneDrive storage now works outside the US, but you can't get it twice https://t.co/JXrhDEFfKv
  • Thu, 13:10: RT @dangrabham: The Lenovo adware story isn't surprising. I'm sure they're not the only PC manufacturer at it.
  • Thu, 13:16: RT @AlbertoNardelli: "What happens when renewable energy runs out?" - Victoria Ayling, Ukip's candidate for Great Grimsby http://t.co/29EW5
  • Thu, 13:17: RT @PrivacyMatters: GOTCHA: Google caught STRIPPING SSL from BT Wi-Fi users' searches http://t.co/8ouq35uOK3 《hadn't spotted this b4. Wow.
  • Thu, 13:18: RT @shanselman: Folks, spinning in a for-loop after DateTIme.Now then doing a bunch of stuff and declaring "this is slow" isn't performance…
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