December 20th, 2014

full steam ahead

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  • Fri, 12:13: RT @hildabast: Swiss court landmark:Science access rights prevail over publisher interests HT @patrickruch @opensci
  • Fri, 12:21: RT @ericlaw: Oh, @FoxNews: "Sony hack attack suggests possible involvement by Iran, China or Russia" Also Cuba, Syria, Cylons, Romulans, an…
  • Fri, 12:21: RT @shadowfax1804: A little over four and a half years and about 2,000 pieces of content for around 60 clients later, my time at @lewispruk
  • Fri, 12:35: RT @docjamesw: When Art of Stage Presence is published outside MS it's going to be as an Office Mix. It's gonna rock. #futureofoffice @Offi
  • Fri, 12:36: RT @Aiannucci: “@wtmh2: Fantastic exchange between journalist and Cameron's spokesperson over deficit reduction.
  • Fri, 12:41: RT @iainthomson: @MattRosoff See also "If you're writing about the Sony hack we have an expert in what his/her company sells to give commen…
  • Fri, 13:55: No, No, Farage. The only British toff allowed to say offensive things without an apology is Prince Philip. You're no prince
  • Fri, 14:00: Human/Dancer; the last vestiges of humanity fight back against the entertainment robots gone rogue, checking for heartbeat, temperature
  • Fri, 14:06: RT @peterfoot: If you want to order one of those Xbox Music codes from the US Microsoft Store use PayPal for payment (unless you have a US …
  • Fri, 14:08: RT @thurrott: A heads-up for you bloggers out there. Dean Hachamovitch hasn't worked on IE team or led that team for over a year http://t.c…
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