May 21st, 2014

full steam ahead

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  • Tue, 20:04: Beale St Brew; nice little coffee shop with a gallery that also serves Hendricks gin; brewery &2nd bookshop reason to come back to Kingman:)
  • Wed, 00:56: Desert to coast: through the volcano landscape to the rolling hills & traffic jams of LA. Next step, Laguna Beach & Fire
  • Wed, 03:26: Vint Cerf asked "most common question when wearing glass"; facial recognition. Everyone who asked wanted, none saw privacy issues #fire2014
  • Wed, 03:33: Just spotted Barry Briggs went from Microsoft IT CTO to DPE; another example of Microsoft changes I discussed in
  • Wed, 03:35: Delighted to hear Mark Anderson call for action envisioning what global warming world cld be if we decide we want positive futures #fire2014
  • Wed, 04:42: Interesting view of NASA tech (from ex NASA folk Planetary Resources) when failure is not an option, success gets really expensive #fire2014
  • Wed, 05:29: RT @brianshall: Spend $1,000 on a Surface 3 or $400 on an iPad and $1100 on a Macbook Air? Come on, bloggers, think through what Microsoft…
  • Wed, 06:06: Fascinating talk about asteroid mining #fire2014 technology seems eminently solvable; my questions are jurisdiction & eco position #redmars
  • Wed, 06:55: I see China is getting aggressive about the industrial cyber espionage arrests; predict will be a major point of future conflict
  • Wed, 07:07: A little less adulation of Tom Cruise & this would be an interesting piece on the birth of click bait blogging
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