January 12th, 2014

full steam ahead

My tweets

  • Sat, 19:23: The more I experiment with the #lumia1020 camera, the more I find the same tricks from my fully manual Exilim work...
  • Sat, 19:31: RT @jackschofield: Toshiba’s 5-in-1 Computing Device Concept Looks Like What Windows 8 Is Meant For, by @drizzled at @TechCrunch ~ http://t…
  • Sat, 19:33: Oops, another Microsoft official Twitter account has been hacked. Time to manage them through #azure SSO chaps!
  • Sat, 20:25: Bad news; the rental car went Horribly Wrong. Good news; already in the car park, I made Alamo pick up &replace on site &we scored a Passat!
  • Sat, 21:25: Filming a snowboard spot in sunny Las Vegas?! http://t.co/TUOAuL5waI
  • Sat, 21:29: Time for strawberry basil mimosa and fountains and brunch! http://t.co/f8FaezIajG
  • Sat, 22:36: Never mind the fountains - I can see the minions from our table
  • Sat, 22:47: I do love the Bellagio fountains. Also getting the hang of the #lumia1520 really really wide angle lens http://t.co/tE9C72Z1y0
  • Sun, 00:21: Just saw two feather headdress dancing girls on the strip taking selfies; must be nice to be in your own photos for a change!
  • Sun, 05:04: I know it's bat country but we stopped anyway for coffee; next stop Mojave and rockets
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