November 5th, 2013

full steam ahead

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  • Mon, 13:25: RT @RandallGrahm: Since I've upgraded the software on iPhone, I haven't been able to work out how to respond to individuals on Twitter. It'…
  • Mon, 13:29: Kantar's regular 3-month sales survey shows Windows Phone keeping 10-11% in top EU countries, even Aus. Low in China
  • Mon, 13:34: Don't know if I'm an entrepreneur in any way but do the next interesting thing has always been my career principle
  • Mon, 13:36: I never did get to interview Thorsten properly & now I'll have to wait until he's running another company; poor BBL
  • Mon, 13:38: Or does BlackBerry now have a large enough war chest to fight on?
  • Mon, 14:23: RT @sbisson: "It's round about this time of day that I like to watch a squirre climb a drain pipe." Seriously, every day. Like clock work.
  • Mon, 14:30: RT @IAM_magazine: Rockstar CEO Veschi: Probable that other suits involving same and other tech areas will be filed over coming months. Not …
  • Mon, 14:30: RT @IAM_magazine: Our shareholders had no say in decision to sue Google and Android companies - it was my call, states Rockstar's CEO. http…
  • Mon, 14:31: RT @trengriffin: Fairfax's period of free BBRY optionality expires as does period for media to flog acquisition rumors involving everyone b…
  • Mon, 14:33: Given Nortel invented its patents & Rockstar is ex-Nortel engineers I find it hard to call them an NPE; more like NLPE (No Longer)
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