April 16th, 2013

full steam ahead

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  • Mon, 13:07: RT @ruthclaxton: Thatchers funeral 10 million. Latest round of 'unavoidable' cuts to be passed on to arts orgs by Arts Council England 1 ...
  • Mon, 13:10: feel like a pirate today; the cat is sleeping on my shoulder. might have to start limping and checking for cold coins & parity bits
  • Mon, 13:16: RT @sbisson: @mbrit SPOT 3.0 has been starring in Macbeth on Broadway as the "out, damn SPOT". It has won three Tonys so far.
  • Mon, 13:17: like this but applying more *gravity* RT @sbisson: Cat yoga: http://t.co/fbt1maD94P
  • Mon, 13:21: so I have more Klout than @maryjofoley but I still can't get +K in snark?
  • Mon, 13:22: ok, from now on I'm going to refer to startups changing direction not as pivoting but swivelling ;-)
  • Mon, 13:28: RT @sbisson: So if the Microsoft smartwatch uses Kinect and keeps its old branding, will we be able to say to it, "Run, SPOT, run. See S ...
  • Mon, 13:35: so I did predict a Microsoft Windows Phone watch about a year ago http://t.co/Ax44or2FUf Blue-era app scaling does enable more screen sizes
  • Mon, 13:37: Cheaper switches, more fibre broadband, all those devices showing up in the office: is 10GbE copper ready to help? http://t.co/gSULxfzQnc
  • Mon, 13:59: good to see HP trying to get some transparency on the conflict minerals in all your gadgets http://t.co/2npyGMmLI9
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