January 12th, 2013

full steam ahead

My tweets

  • Fri, 22:16: Went to #tdk for the qi charging speaker but the wireless boombox made me want to sit down & listen to music
  • Sat, 00:53: So is #yousendit completely broken on Windows RT? Can't send files on IE because it wants flash, app only sends files already on the site!
  • Sat, 00:55: Hey @ie wish you would whitelist the yousendit site so I could file my CES copy from my @surface
  • Sat, 01:34: Get over the feeling that CES has sucked the marrow out of you by having roasted marrow bones for late lunch. http://t.co/HEBGHqu3
  • Sat, 02:13: Hey @TheNamesEnz can u explain the cookie/history delete in your flash rt app & exactly which Ms updates it disables?
  • Sat, 02:19: if Oracle isn't going to be a responsible OS supplier with security updates, should Java be deprecated for end users. I won't run it myself
  • Sat, 02:37: Misogyny at CES; institutional more than obvious. Many thanks to all the companies I deal with who don't patronize http://t.co/I6we98iO
  • Sat, 02:42: RT @SFGate: U.S. government tells computer users to disable Java. http://t.co/rNSs2IQE
  • Sat, 02:46: Hey @paypal A please look urgently at unblocking Jay Lake's cancer fundraiser B add a better process for unblocking https://t.co/j6QXORCJ
  • Sat, 05:05: Branscombe's Law; the comments on any article about women in technology will recapitulate the problems of sexism & privilege
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