December 11th, 2012

full steam ahead

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  • Mon, 18:31: Encourage women in tech - follow a few of us from Engadget's WiT list
  • Mon, 18:57: RT @OwenJones84: Things have changed so much that we don't even have to wait for history to damn the anti-equal marriage Tory MPs as the ...
  • Mon, 21:25: That surreal moment when you come home from being away and go to what you were doing and wonder if you ever left. Last book chapter!
  • Tue, 02:03: RT @stufox: Companies like Google should be forced to pay tax on profits as a % of where their revenue comes from, regardless of where t ...
  • Tue, 02:21: RT @awsamuel: Wanted: browser extension that auto-detects when the page you're reading was scraped from somewhere else, and redirects to ...
  • Tue, 02:41: I love Windows Phone word flow (it's better on US than UK phones, sadly); here's more about how it works - trigrams
  • Tue, 02:43: Apple wants a cut of SkyDrive revenue; that's some marketplace advantage
  • Tue, 11:24: From Google's mojo to LTE vs fibre: Top 10 technology predictions for 2013 #zdnet
  • Tue, 11:49: unless your company's new boss is the risen Steve Jobs, I don't really need a press release about it. Love, more journos than you think
  • Tue, 11:55: RT @tomwarren: There's no subscription options available in the SkyDrive iOS app at present.