December 10th, 2012

full steam ahead

My tweets

  • Sun, 16:40: Apple vs Google; the unspeakable in pursuit of the inedible
  • Sun, 17:14: RT @Adman_NZ: Enterprises: our users are stupid and would struggle to adapt to Win8's new UI. Users: can I bring my iPad to work. #wakeu ...
  • Sun, 17:15: Duck egg brunched. Now, what to do on a rainy NYC afternoon?
  • Sun, 17:30: Carefully distinguishing the restroom from the meat locker in a nautical theme restaurant
  • Sun, 21:23: RT @FelicityMorse: 'Most parents would prefer their children not to be gay' says Tory MP: Yeah&most people prefer MPs not to be homo ...
  • Mon, 00:11: We've walked about 7 miles today; I am so ready for this cocktail #mojitotime
  • Mon, 02:47: Plane. Drink. Straight to sleep as we ate in the clubhouse. Walked enough that won't be a problem ;-) alas they didn't upgrade @sbisson