November 22nd, 2012

full steam ahead

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  • Wed, 12:58: I see the Anglican church decided to have Stir Up Sunday a few days early...
  • Wed, 21:24: RT @sbisson: A Brit gets to be part of a Thanksgiving tech slide show. Spot me and @marypcbuk at CITEworld:
  • Wed, 21:26: London. Dark, wet, noisy but the flatsitters gifted us with plants ;-)
  • Wed, 21:27: So exactly when did tech join religion &politics as something it's hard to have a civil.conversation about? What was the polarizer?
  • Wed, 21:31: Giving thanks for the tech that makes it a bit more likely you can take Thanksgiving off; or the weekend for non USen
  • Wed, 21:37: Top tip for finding new mystery authors; Soho Crime. Got self up this evening w promise of finishing R Pawel Law of Return in wartime Spain
  • Wed, 21:39: Oh, I just realised the parody title I should have written for thanksgiving; maybe save for Christmas & January sales. eEat, pray, shove.
  • Wed, 22:01: RT @OwenJones84: Hope Tory MPs enjoyed watching Nadine Dorries getting voted out of #imaceleb. Little dress rehearsal for them in 2015, eh?
  • Thu, 00:36: RT @edbott: Rumor: Microsoft is building an "Xbox TV" device. Or, as I like to call it, an Xbox.
  • Thu, 09:10: Textbook demonstration; folks w privilege fail to see an issue with lack of diversity because not a problem for them
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snark maiden

How do we balance male gaze? More shirtless men?

Having a cold in Vegas the other week meant a bit more aimless gazing out of the window than usual (instead of charging at speed from place to place). So I was looking at the Hooters casino , which is certainly not the only place to objectify women for the male gaze in Vegas and I was thinking how I have no problem with topless and naked women, I just don't like it institutionalized as a chain. But then I started thinking, how about - institutionalizing the female gaze in the same way rather than being serious and humorless and all the other things feminism is called when it sounds strident and pushy (or authoritative as you'd call a male equivalent). How about a chain of Shirtless Man bars? (I almost said salad bars; how controlled the female appetite is supposed to be, slimming salads rather than rare steak...) Vegas already Stripper Circus with five hunks and one girl, or the campy muscular Thunder From Down Under, now branded as Ladies Night Outback, but that's so much more special occasion, so much less universal and pervasive than a neighborhood bar.

But shirtless man already has an association; Abercrombie and Crotch, as I call it. A gay icon which is still the male gaze, just gazing at men who gaze back with interest. Awesome but not men displayed for the female gaze in the same "have them oiled and sent to my tent" fashion.

Objectifying? Yep. Objectionable? Well, sauce for the gander and all that. Maybe if we normalize female gaze as we've normalized male gaze for decades (centuries probably), after a while it becomes marginal on both sides and we can get on with respecting the other gender as people as well as gazing at them with interest from time to time?