May 11th, 2012

full steam ahead

My tweets

  • Thu, 20:26: Billboards on 101 are good today; a kickstarter big enough for a billboard & Tad stuck in his Virt world near the (cough) Vlimited offices
  • Thu, 23:29: Windows RT browsers and the point of Windows RT #zdnetuk
  • Fri, 00:03: RT @halberenson: MSFT can get away with Office as the only non-Metro app on ARM because the anti-trust finding was specific to Windows o ...
  • Fri, 04:24: Clutching my haul of green leather samples from FabMo, it's time for noodles with black garlic at Maru Ichi
  • Fri, 05:31: RT @omarg: I will be devastated if the aliens in the "Battleship" movie are not from the planet Connect Four.