May 2nd, 2012

full steam ahead

My tweets

  • Tue, 14:11: RIM CEO reassuring faithful he knows the past, came to #bbw when it was still wireless enterprise symposium
  • Tue, 14:18: hmmm; so far, this keynote is about reassuring people that BlackBerry aten't dead yet; maybe time to focus on how it will move forward?
  • Tue, 14:23: an announcement! WebEx for BB10. Date & price would be nice though...
  • Tue, 14:33: glance gesture; rather like the universal #WP back stack, but with true multitasking #bbwc
  • Tue, 14:40: BB10: lovely features like gesture keyboard & pictures you can revise to moment before you took photo. now RIM needs to deliver first #bbwc
  • Tue, 14:47: what the BlackBerry Dev Alpha phone tells us about BB10 #bbwc by me #techradar
  • Tue, 15:11: If you hire the engineer who wrote Netstumbler & he calls his program Gstumbler, maybe you should read his full project proposal? @edbott
  • Tue, 15:13: I think there's a clash of hashtags; the #bbwc stream is full of both tech comments, and um, something else more, um, personal...
  • Tue, 15:16: RT @sbisson: On ZDNet UK, my first take look at the BlackBerry Dev Alpha (with lots of pictures): Tip @techmeme
  • Tue, 15:41: citrix demonstrates on playbook exactly why Windows RT will do just fine on the desktop; add mouse, keyboard & remote to standard Windowsapp
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