April 26th, 2012

full steam ahead

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  • Wed, 21:46: Should I weep with laughter or despair; a corrupt politician who can't even be competent at it http://t.co/bTn3WGLg
  • Wed, 21:48: businesses who use admin,123456 and wonderfully security as admin passwords; why Conficker is still going http://t.co/oH6vDPTU #gooeycentre
  • Wed, 23:12: Stupid passwords, irritating UAC & what spam you get http://t.co/93RPMVcz #zdnetuk
  • Wed, 23:14: Thought for the day; when you have the wrong end of the stick, take it out of your eye
  • Wed, 23:15: Barefoot is very busy today; out of pastries already! (Checked in at Barefoot Coffee Campbell)
  • Thu, 00:08: RT @tomhounsell: Of course Tim Cook doesn't like convergence, he'd much rather sell you two devices where one would suffice. #apple is a ...
  • Thu, 00:18: Microsoft noticed I keep calling #OneNote a hidden gem (link in http://t.co/KdrWZ3pv); here's hoping the SkyDrive attention spills over!
  • Thu, 01:37: Be careful what you wish for: I was wanting more information about managing Windows RT & Metro apps. I just wanted it last week not this!
  • Thu, 03:00: Thinking too much like a Londoner huddling in shelter; actually rain on a warm San Jose evening is lovely