April 25th, 2012

full steam ahead

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  • Tue, 18:57: Advertisers have short memories. Tell @AngiesList: don't go back to supporting Rush Limbaugh w advertising http://t.co/H5IMCxOP @CREDOmobile
  • Tue, 19:11: 1 in 5 Macs have Windows malware (1 in 36 have Mac malware); what proportion of Macs virtualize Windows so that malware is actually live?
  • Tue, 19:21: RT @edbott: Microsoft's unwillingness to prebrief journalists about this week's announcement was a boneheaded move. Cost them a lot of g ...
  • Tue, 20:29: Google Drive; my utterly cynical reaction is that the algorithm must need more training data to work with
  • Tue, 21:16: OCR a document into Google Drive, see it in a Captcha? I can see that @paulockenden
  • Tue, 22:14: Disclosure; I think I still believe in the perfectibility of technology. Of human being? not so much
  • Tue, 22:26: Microsoft is paying devs a lot of attention; offering hands-on eval & tuition for #windows8 apps good enough for day 1 http://t.co/R6HzLykx
  • Tue, 22:59: single-purpose devices or do-everything systems? everyone thinks they want the former but then asks for the latter #thingsIlearnedfromblogs
  • Tue, 23:20: best of both toasties MT @fxshaw must be a typo. it’s not a toaster/fridge It’s a toaster/oven. Those seem pretty popular. Just saying #win8
  • Wed, 00:24: What does Creative Cloud mean for desktop apps? http://t.co/LpXf88qx #zdnetuk
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