March 31st, 2012

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The definition of irony? Advertising the app you're criticizing

There was an article about a creepy stalker app doing the rounds last night, wherein the author finally realised the app he'd been playing with was a creepy stalker app and getting enough attention that Foursquare finally realised it broke their T&Cs and killed its API access. It makes me wonder whether the bar for getting API access to the data we merrily plug into social tools should be a bit higher than filling in a Web form; some things we maybe want to be a little less agile. It made me wonder even more why the App Store didn't bounce it for breaking the Foursquare T&Cs; when an app is as overtly creepy stalker as Girls Around Me, shouldn't that get it checked perhaps more thoroughly than most? Then I saw a link saying the piece had been updated and I looked at it again, after the app had been blocked by Foursquare, and this is the bottom of the page with the site's widget that seems to automatically advertise apps mentioned in the story... #facepalm