March 28th, 2012

full steam ahead

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  • Tue, 12:39: Do PRs really think they need to give journalists permission to quote from a corporate blog or is it a form of begging for attention?
  • Tue, 12:47: Also PRs might not want to let clients use the phrase 'completely secure' as it's quite the hostage to (mis)fortune
  • Tue, 18:34: oh, thank you Windows Live Photo Gallery; an 0x88 error message when I can't save really tells me what's going on. not.
  • Tue, 18:49: I like Photo Gallery; but when it decides it can't save ANYWHERE on ANY DRIVE it turns a 5 minute job itno an hour wasted ;(
  • Tue, 19:08: Cool number. every 25 seconds=3,456 times/day. impressively, that's how many trial customers coming onto #office365
  • Tue, 20:04: working in Vegas, baby, working in Vegas RT @sbisson: MMS booked... Vegas, baby, Vegas...
  • Wed, 10:13: Project & Office 365; by the numbers, ready for Metro #zdnetuk
  • Wed, 11:27: RT @StudioXNYC: Foursquare rep says, "Privacy is a modern invention," as if that ends the debate on ethics. Someone in audience yells, " ...