September 3rd, 2011

full steam ahead

My tweets

  • Fri, 16:01: I do love Virgin Atlantic; customer service is just so friendly and, well, cuddly ;-)
  • Fri, 20:48: imagine Apple taking this level of feedback on the design on a new UI and OS...
  • Fri, 21:02: RT @adamshostack: "a senior government official working on the identity system, who requested anonymity" @nytimes broke my ironymeter ht ...
  • Fri, 21:17: Media Center not being in first pre-release build makes me a little more confident about my speculation on unification
  • Fri, 21:28: failure in this brave new Web app only world; Webmail doesn't work for sending documents from within applications. OWA shld be MAPI provider
  • Fri, 22:08: The only way to force them to settle wld be if their CEOs were locked up and denied food and beverages until they can announce a settlement
  • Fri, 22:09: from @FOSSpatents made me giggle repeatedly
  • Fri, 22:38: the more I use Web apps in anger the more I miss features from rich desktop apps; like dragging attachments from 1mail 2another w'out saving