July 6th, 2011

full steam ahead

My tweets

  • Tue, 12:40: wonder where your United boarding pass went last march Mr BB of San Jose? just found it inside the secondhand book I bought last week ;-)
  • Tue, 12:45: @jamestutt inconceivable? you keep using that word...I do not think it means what you think it means!
  • Tue, 12:52: Makes me want to friend the NYT: awesome op-ed on US in Facebook stylee http://nyti.ms/mmxzmF
  • Tue, 13:29: RT @ianbetteridge: While we condemn the state of newspapers in the UK, lets not forget it was a newspaper that broke the story. Not all ...
  • Tue, 13:47: Tablet artistry: unleash your creativity on a tablet with apps that make anyone believe they can make art (even me) http://bit.ly/lssPL6
  • Tue, 16:43: of course it started raining; we tried to take our late lunch onto the roof terrace and that very second the rain started
  • Tue, 17:13: very weak statement from the PCC on #notw actions (although legitimate points too) http://bit.ly/ldru42
  • Tue, 17:14: PCC:It is also wrong to judge self-regulation in 2011 based on the legitimate condemnation of practices that took place some time ago. Me:??
  • Tue, 17:46: for those who think Microsoft doesn't care about security; think about work involved in this http://bit.ly/kqcpGs
  • Tue, 20:36: wow, bottom of Facebook news page says 'no more posts' - I've read the whole of Facebook? kewl!
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