June 29th, 2011


Tablet artistry

I use a tablet PC every day, for handwritten notes and diagrams, or just using my finger to scroll or tap a button. But a pen isn't just for writing; it's for drawing and sketching and painting. There are some superb art apps for tablets on all the different platforms and it's surprising how much being able to experiment and undo unleashes your creativity. I've always thought I can't draw or paint, but I'm pretty sure I could learn to be a lot better at it than I am, especially using the right tools.

I spent a couple of weeks painting and sketching and wrote up the software side - and the opportunities, with a followup on the tools that make a difference, like the awesome Nomad Brush.
Tablet artistry - making art on screen http://www.tomsguide.com/us/tablet-artistic-paint-software,review-1669.html
Better than a finger - the right tablet tools http://www.tomsguide.com/us/tablet-artistry-stylus-brush,review-1676.html

And here's the kind of art I was making
sunset abruptly