March 30th, 2011


Mostly Microsoft: March stories from phones to browsers to Windows 8 to Google shopping taking over

Why Mobile Firefox hides the user interface: Mozilla design principles

Hotmail makes your mail more active: new active views for comments and deal

Google's view of shopping is personal and digital (and contactless and tracked and possibly now sub judice)

What will you get in Windows 7 Service Pack 2? And will you need it?

What IE10 means for Microsoft and Windows 8: Microsoft backs Web standards, especially the ones it plans to use for Windows tablets

Hands on with IE10 platform preview: improvements don’t stop with IE9

Microsoft’s stealth move on TV - Why Microsoft TV isn't making the same mistakes as Google… or Apple

(Note; I know that some of the folks on the Google TV team take a different view; we had a long discussion where I said ‘yes, but’.)

Windows Phone Mango: what you need to know and what you get

Interview with Microsoft’s Matt Bencke: what does Nokia mean for Mango? Cameras and international maps and mainstream users…