January 6th, 2011

full steam ahead

My tweets

  • Wed, 20:19: Also to call the #ces press day disorganised is an insult to disorganised press events everywhere...
  • Wed, 20:41: When companies use their #ces time to tell me tech history, I worry about their future
  • Thu, 01:41: @edbott shall wait till after keynote to say my 'embedded not 8' source was completely wrong but I'm never playing poker with Mr Sinofsky ;)
  • Thu, 02:07: Would I miss my #wp7 phone this much if my roaming android phone was less crappy? Great philosophical questions of our time
  • Thu, 03:18: Oh #wp7 if only voice search worked kn the UK; I would love to yell at my phone like in the #ces keynote
  • Thu, 04:16: @jamesoneill @jonhoneyball I know *why* it doesn't work, that doesn't make me happier #usisnottheonlymarket