October 30th, 2010

full steam ahead

Taking it easy

We've been in the US seven days and it feels like a month with the two conferences we did back to back, plus simon had a cold and now I have it. But that didn't stop us enjoying a lovely dinner at El Gaucho last night with a passel of tech journalists and a flaming sword. Well, skewer... the Chimney Rock Stags Leap red was rather nice too. This morning we had brunch at Essential baking company, where it's hard to decide if the omelettes or the breakfast sandwiches are nicer and the only thing better than the coffee is the chai (spicy and not too sweet) and the only thing better than the lemon currant scones is the bread.

We shopped at PCC because we hadn't tried it before and it's all the things I like about American markets; beautiful vegetables and great beer and bulk grated cheese and herbal remedies and such nifty things. And bacon chocolate pancake mix. As our wedding anniversary this month was either candy or iron, we're calling the two packets we bought our anniversary gift ;)

Now we're sightseeing in the rain at Alki Point. I love all the sweet little houses down here and the blue green painted apartment blocks and the mexican-colour-striped awning and the wooden house with the rowing boat onna stick. We saw a seal or sea lion powering along and an awesome urban wind turbine on a gingerbread cottage near the Fauntleroy ferry.

And if I say it myself, I am totally rocking my bat earrings and red satin horns ;)