August 23rd, 2010


Over-sharing on social networks; do we care more about it when it's Google?

Why do we give Facebook less hassle for proxy sharing in Place than we gave Google for Buzz?


I was furious about Buzz on a personal level; it did the initial turn-itself-on thing on a Gmail account I don't want to have share anything with anyone and I had the emotional response to having the system interfere in my personal life. With Facebook Places, in which you can label your friends as being in a certain place at a certain time without their permission, I laughed at Ed Bott's tweet saying he was setting up a weekly Outlook reminder to check his Facebook privacy settings, then I thought 'I should check my Facebook privacy settings' and I found the new Places proxy checkin option marked to tell me I should look at it, promptly disabled it and all I thought was 'oh look, Facebook got privacy wrong again'.

Why the difference?


Everything I know about LightPeak

10Gbps plus power down a tiny, extra-long cable

USB 3.0, with headline throughput of 5Gbps, has only just hit the market, but it could be obsolete as soon as next year, when Intel's 10Gbps Light Peak optical cables arrive. In time, a whole new protocol will deliver up to 100Gbps, but initially Light Peak will plug into familiar ports to deliver faster transfers over longer cables.
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