May 1st, 2010

full steam ahead

Gorgeous Cincinnati weather

Apparently there was frost here this week but the weather has been just lovely here. We went to Northwood for brunch at Take the Cake, where the sweet potato lemongrass soup with tart apple was delicious and our deconstructed patty melt - really more like a bacon cheeseburger with tomato jam - came with the best bacon I've ever had in the US. We hung around and worked for long enough to want to try the cupcakes (hummingbird which is like passion cake with pineapple and banana and a spiced blackberry jam with salt caramel on the frosting), walked across the park in the sun and then ran errands at Walmart and Whole Foods, coming back with naked rotisserie chicken and roasted corn salad for dinner with my sister and her partner before we went to see Date Night. Very silly, pretty funny, kind of touching and they found something new to do in a car chase. It's a standard suburbanite down the rabbit hole - After Hours updated with flavour-of-the-month Noo Jersey folk.

Flavour of the month at Graeters is turtle: caramel ice cream with pecans and chocolate chunks but black raspberry chip is still my favourite and I easily won the chunk contest. It's supposed to rain tomorrow but it's still balmy enough to stroll down the street before bed. And we have now seen both of my sister's beautiful ginger cats at once so Ben reclaims hisi title of shyest cat in the world...

We also decided on our next travel plans: drive to Fort Lauderdale and fly on to LA as we think we've done the best bits of the drive from here to there ;)