March 2nd, 2010


Want me to tweet about your clients? Here's a tip

1 Write your press release in English, not marketingspeak; a sentence with the words integrated, align, remediate and optimise isn't a good sign...
2 Don't insult me by writing a canned tweet puffing your clients' product ready for me to pass on; journalists are not geese into which you stuff marketing in order to extract foie gras. If I spot that tweet coming from a colleague I'm not going to think 'ooh, interesting product'; I'm going to know they've turned into your twitterbot. I'm insulted by the idea that I'd do this kind of puff that it's undoing my previously good impression of this agency (and if it's 'not aimed at me' why is it in a press release sent to me?). Depressing thought; are there enough journalists prepared to push out a canned tweet to up their stats to make it worthwhile PRs doing this?
3 Have a good story about a great product. Sorry - it really does still come down to doing a proper job of it.
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Digital history for the win

Amex is making claiming for my lost watch quite easy and our digital history is making it not too hard to get the details for the claim; Outlook gives me the days we were in the hotel and the eticket for the flight (via a search from the Start bar) and OneNote 2010 lets me print it into the page of details - same with the email from the hotel responding to me reporting the loss, which goes into the same page (this is such a useful feature), as does the mail from the gallery with the picture of the watch and the replacement cost...

But when did I buy the watch? I bought it at a gallery in Ghirardelli Square (that's now moved to Sausalito) but we visit San Francisco several times a year. At first tanais and sbisson thought I bought the watch around the time of our North American Engagement Party @ Bacon 2004 organised by rowanf - Outlook says we went to Baycon and Windows Live Photo Gallery shows I'm not wearing it on the 28th May or the 30th May or the 1st June or at our wedding, so it must be later. I'm not wearing it in July 2005 when I went out to the Valley of Fire but we have pictures of Ghirardelli Square that we took on the 26th August - and on the 27th August there's a photo of me in our friend Rick's Mini Cooper - wearing the watch that looks brand new, so I bought it 26/08/05 ;-) Thank you WLPG!
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The frictionless path between industry and government

Stephen Carter, minister for Communications, Technology & Broadcasting Sector, author of the Digital Britain Report and the Digital Economy Bill that is currently reducing photographers rights and promising the recording industry power by statutory instrument has a new job. In April he'll become Chief Marketing, Strategy and Communication officer at Alcatel-Lucent. Is this a gamekeeper driven out of the preserve by Mandelson's changes to the DEB post consultation or a poacher starting the poaching while they're still a gamekeeper?

When you switch jobs in industry it's common for there to a be a 6 month gap before moving from one company to a competitor; wouldn't it be nice if there was some kind of gap to make sure that those involved in legislation didn't move to somewhere they might be felt to taking advantage of the same legislation for buisness so quickly that it raises eyebrows? After all, Alcatel-Lucent has a lot of interests in various forms of digital distribution which must be affected by the legislation...