February 17th, 2010

full steam ahead

Schmidt says no-one harmed by Buzz: oh, that's all right then

Mr No Privacy has spoken again; no-one was harmed by Buzz (having your abusive ex find out where you work isn't harm, is it?) and we were all just confused about Buzz. Our bad, for worrying, eh? 

And when the Buzz team said people were 'rightfully upset'? Nothing like responsibility going all the way to the top, is there?  (and this is nothing like...)
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Just - wow! Deep zoom of Sumatra tiger made of endangered species

Yes, you need Silverlight for this (or Moonlight), but it's amazing. Zoom into the face of a tiger and see 180,000 endangered species. There are even videos in it! Put it full screen on a big screen, put it on auto and just watch for a while. Stunning!

If you don't want to install Silverlight you can see a video of it, but it's not nearly as good!
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