October 28th, 2009

full steam ahead

That was a good flight

We rode the tour bus and stopped at the big Barnes and Noble on Union Square: browsing the big art books while listening to an interview with a writer we'd never heard of. The W got us a nice big taxi and we made record time to JFK and had dinner in the lounge so we could go straight to sleep on board, which is the only way to do New York overnights (it helps taking the 11.30 flight). Felt very sorry for everyone on the previous flight that had to unload for repairs: they took off and landed after us. Slept pretty well on board, just not long enough: nice shower, breakfast, massage in the lounge and we're ready to go home and sleep all afternoon now. got that slightly woozy swimmy feeling where the back of my head seems to shift up and down in mid-air that goes with not enough sleep...
full steam ahead

Virgin customer service win

All this travel is hard on the luggage: the sports bag we stuff into the suitcase to fill with what we acquire (books, mostly) arrived at Heathrow with one less handle than it had in New York. we stopped to tell Virgin mainly because I wanted them to shout at the baggage handlers and stop them doing it again - and the nice man went to the cupboard and pulled out a new suitcase for us. Southwestern did the same in Vegas a couple of years back and it's the same kind of great customer service. Last time the same thing happened on BA they gave us a damage code to give to our insurers and the excess makes a claim pointless. Go Virgin!