October 20th, 2009

full steam ahead

So cold!

Vegas is a toasty 90-plus. at least it was yesterday but we have been in arctic temperature aircon all day. have been shivering so hard I typoed. jacket tomorrow!

If this is the future of online content, I'm in trouble

$20 for a video or $2,000? $15 or $150 for an article? Do people want quality writing and clips with valuable information or vague details bashed out at speed on a content production line? My career is predicated on the former; Demand's 'answer factory' is using search analytics to churn out the latter. A video that's shot on good equipment but in such a hurry that the presenter isn't in focus; maybe that doesn't matter in postage-stamp clips on YouTube. A crying child in the background of the video; does it matter if all the content provider cares about is the ad money they'll get from advertisers who will pay to be on the same page? Demand has huge breadth and variable depth; they won't get a reputation for quality, but are people loyal to that any more?

Closing the gap between what readers and viewers want and what you commission as an editor and pitch as a writer could deliver fantastic content; or it could deliver low-quality fodder to slap ads on. Am I optimistic enough that quality will win out or am I going to be out of a job?

WIRED: The answer factory

Windows Mobile 6.5: upgrades and using the Marketplace

I was so keen to get Windows Mobile 6.5 on the Touch Pro I was using earlier this year that I tried a developer ROM on it and definitely preferred it to 6.1; but I've been so happy with the Touch Pro 2 that I almost didn't want to update it. In the interests of science, I upgraded both that and the Toshiba TG01 last week - you can read what I think of the new version on Tom's Guide Windows Mobile 6.5: worth upgrading?

And then I went shopping at Marketplace: the new WinMo app store: again for Tom's Guide I looked at how it works, what you get and whether Microsoft should do its own app store at all.