August 29th, 2009


Big-screen Windows Mobile phones

They're big - but are they clever?*
The fastest smart phone so far (at least measured by processor specs) is the phone with the biggest screen we ever saw: the Toshiba TG01, which runs Windows Mobile, as does the Touch Pro2. They both have big-touch screens, sleek styling, and plenty of clever ideas, but are they smart enough to make Windows Mobile look as smart as these phones seem? 

Hint: one of these is my new favourite phone. Hint, hint: I no longer hate TouchFLO 3D. Hint, hint, hint: my new favourite phone is the first WinMo phone in a long while that hasn't made me (get sbisson to) install a cooked ROM of WinMo 6.5.

*I think that is a UK idiom, as it didn't make it into the published version, and now I think of it, I can't hear it in an American accent.