May 26th, 2009

full steam ahead

Passing through Paso

Lots to think about from Fire, several people I want to talk to more (Stu - I hope I have your email address), some ideas about how corporate social responsibility could tackle cetacean slaughter and some definite conclusions about how cloud ignores rich clients at its peril. On to the weekend...

It's a nice weekend drive from San Diego to San Jose. Friday afternoon on the beaches of Coronado, Friday evening driving up the coast (past the glider park) and round in circles looking for the In-N-Out in Escondido, Saturday at the Wild Animal Park watching lions sleep and elephants flap ears in the heat, Saturday evening in Santa Monica watching the red, white and blue patterns on the ferris wheel and eating pasta at the Broadway diner (which like everywhere I've been this week serves the Groth sauv blanc), Sunday brunch at Coras Coffee Shoppe where the always ellent food includes tomato orange sweet preserve, Sunday fruit stop on the way inland after the sparkling socal beaches, Sunday afternoon coffee stop in Santa Barbara, Sunday evening dinner at the bar at Artisan (calamari with chipotle tomato and vinegar aoli sauces, flatiron steak, beignets with lemon curd and blueberry jam, triple chocolate creme brulee and a red rhone flight of which the standout was the Denner syrah), Monday wine tasting in Paso (Denner - where it's very hard to choose between the syrah and the even better syrah blends like Dirt Worshipper and where the construction is far enough along to be intruiging, Jada - where it is hard not to buy one of everything, Justin for a snack and a glass of sauv blanc, Whalebone because they've never been open before and Norman because we couldn't miss our favourite winery - especially when they have a case sale).

This post brought to you by a nice snooze in the car and the 'no slow tracks' 80s weekend on XM8. Back to work tomorrow with conferences, commissions, conference calls and doing my wretched taxes (: no wonder I'm snoozing...
snark maiden

OneNote Mobile - fundamentally broken

I love OneNote on Windows but I'm coming to hate it more and more on WinMo and it was one of the handful of features keeping me loyal to WinMo. I've spent far too long this morning discovering that if you rename a note on the phone it will *never* *sync* *again* - so you create a note, put lots of useful information in it, change the name and can only get the information back to your PC if you copy and paste the content by hand into a new note. Broken, broken, broken. As soon as EverNote introduces cached notes on WinMo I'll switch to that; and once I can get email flags on BlackBerry later this year, there's not going to be a lot left to keep me on WinMo. This is a Microsoft app so I think I'm being perfectly fair saying it's one more way Microsoft is letting Windows Mobile wither away into a has-been platform.