April 17th, 2009


What Redmond could achieve with a little shopping

This was a fun piece to write: TechRadar asked me to create a startup shopping list for Microsoft,,,

Recently Microsoft has absorbed trendy search start-up Powerset and rumour says it will buy Israeli 3D gesture experts 3DV.Despite the credit crunch there's no shortage of good ideas and plenty of new companies starting up to turn them into reality. So, who else should Microsoft whip out its cheque book to acquire? Here's my list...


iPhone apps gone wrong: I thought that would start a fight

There are some things I like about the iPhone and some I loathe (I curse it about as much as I curse any computer I use, even Windows 7 when the multiple monitor support is poor (which I am increasingly thinking is a problem with the Intel graphics in this HP)). I covered several of the irritations and poor interface choices in iPhone apps over at Tom's Guide and there's a lively debate between people sharing their own peeves and those who think the iPhone is so good we should put up with what isn't so good without complaining ;-)
snark maiden

Bad interface; no biscuit

The universal convention for hotel booking sites is to show you the date you check in and the date of the morning you check out; when you show people the dates of the nights they can stay, they're going to think the last night they want isn't available and get rather stressed.