March 18th, 2009

full steam ahead

Snow to salt

Mono lake - eerie tufa spires against distant mountains. Fabulous view from an overlook where the guard rail is decorated with bumper stickers, many of which are ecologically pointed (keep Tahoe blue, LA sucks (the owens valley dry and so on). But there's also an In-N-Out sticker and the universal Mystery Spot sticker we see *everywhere*.

We drove into Mammoth Lakes for the view and the snow which and sandwiches from Schatts which we eat looking over the Owens valley and at the peaks - and a circling glider.

Down the east side of the sierras, solitude and scenery. Right at Owens Lake and instead of snow on the slopes and peaks, it's salt flats all the way into Death Valley. Desert flowers, butterflies and and sunset on the sand dunes. We spend the night at Furnace Creek where the warm spring fed pool is refreshing, the night sky is so full of stars we make up new constellations (to the right of Orion, the fruitbat) and the steaks are superb.