November 13th, 2008

full steam ahead

Please set luggage cart brakes to on

It might be the California sun that's hardest to leave, despite how much of this trip we've spent in air conditioned conferences. It might be our favourite restaurants, so I'll make exp-pat Californians homesick by saying we had brunch at Hobees. it's certainly hard to leave friends: we got to combine things with dinner at Il Fornaio with Rowan and Russell and Jon and Tamzen and a visit to Original Joe's with Spike and Tom (and I got to hug Marina and wave down the phone at Kurt, which isn't bad for three days including 2.5 days of identity conference).

Favourite things seen: SLAC, Paso Robles
New things seen: Simon Rodia's towers at Watts, LA
Joshua trees in Joshua Tree
Deer from the Monte Bello open space
New things eaten: Trader Joe's wasabi seaweed rice crackers

And it's one last vista point and the plane... Hello winter!