August 12th, 2008

plane feet

Last minute travel plans

We don't want to do the whole of the trip we had planned for this month, because we don't want to leave the Jeffster alone that long while hopping is so new to him, so we've done a bit of juggling. This means I will be heading out to San Francisco on Saturday for an HP event, and at least one day of IDF, and Simon will come out at the end of the week so we can both do NVISION in San Jose and come home together. This is even more last minute that usual for both of us and where we stay is still up in the air - I am with HP until Wednesday morning and then I need to work out where to go and for how long, until himself arrives. Ideally I would stay in SF until at least Thursday afternoon to do the rest of IDF (Woz is speaking on Thursday morning and there's a Maker Faire in the afternoon!) Now, who do I know in SF (or, can I still get a hotel room near Moscone that doesn't cost an arm and a leg)? And what to do after that...

And before I go - I have a feature on flexible working to finish; how apt!