June 19th, 2008

mosaic heart

Armisted Maupin is alive and well and twisting my heartstrings

I've been waiting for Michael Tolliver Lives for months; I have all the other Tales of the City books in paperback and I want to be able to file them together. It's a lovely story about love and logical family (rather than biological). It feels slightly less soap opera than the Tales books, but I think that's because of the single viewpoint of Michael 'Mouse' Tolliver that makes Jerry Springer-worthy behaviour seem just human. There's plenty of fear, loss and age gap and if you've not read Tales I don't think you're going to love it outright even for the witty banter and snarky comments and vicious attacks on Orlando, but if you have, you will.

Didn't do much for my jet lag as I fell asleep in the afternoon reading it and then stayed up late finishing it ;-)

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