March 28th, 2008


It's Make Not Suck not Make Suck Less

I know it's a preview of a new version of search for Vista, but given that I like Vista and I like Search in Vista like the Tin man ('most of all'), having the announcement say 'fixes most of the reported bugs' is underwhelming me somewhat. When did that become the target to shoot for? I understand Microsoft underpromising and over-delivering - big improvement on the other way round - but this is "the second most popular desktop OS ever" (S Ballmer), the future of Windows, the ongoing rolling development model. This ATM pays out most of your money. This bag contains most of your shopping. Not quite doing it for me as a concept...

In other news: we had a lovely Easter with tanais (hope you had fun too epredota!), some DIY and some decoupage, meaning my wooden drawers look good rather than icky. And today was at least half made of awesome because the ever-impressive Ceri @SnarlHair did a fabulous job on my new braids, colours chosen by sbisson - white, blonde, pale green, peachy-orange, 'petrol' green (pale green, mid-green, blue). They're sleek, shiny and stiff. They took nearly six hours this time because Ceri did them thin and long enough for my hair to grow in to - right down to the widest part of my hips, several inches beneath my waist. Getting to Muswell Hill wasn't as much fun as: I forgot my glasses (uncomfortabe 'what's wrong, where are my glasses' twitches all day, plus myopic peering at buses), I forgot my phone (with the directions and map tools on so I had to keep turning on the laptop and writing on my hand and couldn't text himself), the Picadilly line caught fire so I had to backtrack to Earls Court and a combination of 1+3 led to me rushing around looking for a tube map and tripping smack over the bag the charming gentleman had left sticking out across the width of the platform. I fell with a book in one hand, a banana in the other, a cardigan and jacket under my arm and the laptop in a bag on my back, flat on my face (ankle through the bag strap); I think I must have done a breakfall as I didn't even squash the banana and have no visible bruises but I have been lolling around asking to be cosseted ever since I got back.

I like my braids though!