February 14th, 2008

snark maiden

Want Sky+?

If you don't have Sky, you can get free installation and a free Sky+ box by using one of the two vouchers I have here before March 14th; for pimping Sky at you I get M&S vouchers when you have the installation done. Any takers?
snark maiden

What's bad behaviour?

Taking the latest YouGov survey I was asked how many times I had done any of the following in the last 12 months
Lied to a friend to get your own way
Cheated at a game
Stolen something from a shop or your place of work
Had a sexual fantasy about someone who is not your partner
Seriously exaggerated something on your CV
Failed to help someone properly when they have asked for your help
Acted ungenerously towards someone who considers you a friend
Shouted at somebody who didn’t deserve to be shouted at
Taken credit for the work someone else has done
Purposefully humiliated someone
Gone at least three consecutive days without taking a bath or shower

That's a interesting lack of distinction between action and intent, and in terms of the fantasy question, a major understanding on what fidelity and normal sexual thinking might be. Do they view a fantasy of Tasty Celebrity Of Your Choice as being equivalent to the other behaviours which are weasel-like and harmful? Many people have a wide sexual imagination and there's nothing wrong with that, and per researchers from Hite to Friday and beyond, it is in no way a gateway behaviour to adultery.

And past the 'good' behaviours and on into something that's midway between culture and self-gratification, would you expect this list to belong together? And if you did them one after another, what kind of a day would that be?
Gone to a football match
Signed a petition
Gone to see an opera
Spent more than £200 on clothes in a single shop
Gone jogging
Washed your car by hand
Baked a cake
Bought a hat
Gone to the doctor
Shampooed the carpet in your house
Dyed your hair

And who are they looking for with these questions?
I watch more than 2 hours of TV per day
I am a haemophiliac
I am one of triplets
I drive a left-hand drive car
I speak two or more languages fluently
I am colour-blind
I grow my own vegetables
I live in a hamlet
I have spent a holiday in Lesotho
I live on a houseboat
snark maiden

Are you a Mc Criminal?

If you are the McCrinimel.fr who is trying to friend me on MSN Messenger, could you say so below and I'll stop blocking you and admit it's an English reaction to giggle at foreign names. Otherwise, er, a hacker that admits by name that they're a criminal LOL!