February 5th, 2008


Duvet day

Well, after two weeks of avoiding getting Simon's cold, we went out for dim sum with Peter on Saturday and I have his cold instead! Started feeling bleah at the end of the press dinner yesterday, came straight home and soaked in a bath and collapsed in bed and cancelled my meetings for today so I could take it easy and finish my writing without a rush before I go to Les Arc tomorrow. This is for an event about women getting more Me Time with technology. There may be irony here. There is a session where I can go to the spa or learn to ski; the skiing feels unlikely at this point.

And for today I have taken more zinc and put real ginger in my ginger peach tea and manuka honey on my toast instead of marmelade.

Honey on leather?
Honey on silk?
Honey on toast?

Should I hope the honey on toast I just dropped fell on my silk dressing gown or on the leather chair?