December 30th, 2007

pink with a yellow brush

What have I been doing?

As LJ post-by-email ate my festive post, there was festivity. And a post. We got to Jersey, we had a nice quiet time, I cooked Christmas lunch (and can I just say, saffron in the bread pudding if you have no bay leaf to hand), there were presents and pretty sunsets.

There was also some typing in of accounts and a long phone interview and some writing as there is Work to be done before we go again. More writing yesterday, including a fruitless search for a BlackBerry VOIP client (you're paying for voice and data and email; keep on paying!). I also died my roots (is blonde!) and made my jeans fit properly.

These are jeans I bought for about $7 at Old Navy which fit pretty well when I pull them up to just below my waist but the waist was too big so they slid down over my hips, leaving not enough warmth around the waist - and the very long legs triping me up all the time. I didn't want to wear a belt because that wouldn't fit the contours and the seam and belt loop at the back made it very thick. So I put them on inside out and used a big clip to hold a dart in place at the back so we could mark the triangle to cut out on the inside of the fabric where it wouldn't show when I inevitably changed my mind.

The plan was always cut out a triangle of fabric, finish the edges, punch in eyelets and lace up, turning the excess material into a stylish feature, but I was in two minds about how to finish the edges. I liked the idea of a smaller triangle of pretty cotton fabric that would show through behind the laces, but I also thought this bunching up next to my skin could be bulky and uncomfortable. So I went with hemming the cut edge with a strong but shiny woven ribbon - posh binding really - that already had heat sealed ends which I folded under to give little loops at waist level. It only took two goes to get the ribbon sewn covering the cut edge from both sides at once - I needed a little more easement on the 'point' of the triangle which turned out flat. The ribbon is dun yellow with a hint of gold from the shininess, the stitching is orange to match the seams and purple to match the lacing ribbon (and so I didn't have to wind another bobbin) and the jeans now fit beautifully.

This means I can safely buy jeans that fit well in the leg and the butt but gape at the waist - as most jeans do on me - and fairly quickly have them fit well. Go me... Glad to have that done before another year rolls around. Now to buy cat litter and do a gps battery test and make more to do lists and think of more things to pack...
cute bear

I love parrots in the schwingtime

Turns out I only have to sew the ribbon edging on *three* times to get it hemming right but before I go unpick and do that, I have to share this.

Courtesy of the ever-wonderful Jenny Crusie at Aargh Ink (who I learned of courtesy of the ever-wonderful tamaranth), who had the book as a Christmas present and was inspired to share; I found the slide show on the New York Times site when I went looking to see what these parrots dressed up to re-enact scenes from the movies might look like. Ava Ballard had 40 parrot pets who must have been very happy to wear the costumes and perch in the sets the family made; the photos are utterly surreal and only a fraction of what's in the book.