December 19th, 2007


GPS by 3G

What's 3G got to do with 3G? Add in the location of the cell tower and your GPS-enabled phone can look in the right part of the sky for satellites, so it gets a fix more quickly and uses less power to do it. Online POIs are more up to date, you can get maps over the air rather than loading them in advance and calculating a route on a powerful server should be faster than doing it on your phone. That's the theory: on our last US trip we checked out Ask GPS and Nokia Maps in practice. My review on Tom's Hardware reminds me of sunny days in Las Vegas and driving through the Cascades looking for espresso huts, taxi drivers in New York and Cincinatti who didn't know where they were going - and how often I longed to throw the N95 out of the window... I did Google Maps, Windows Live Search Mobile and Yahoo Go 2 back in the summer but I need to revisit Google Maps now it has the excellent locate without GPS feature and I want to review CoPilot 7 on the O2 XDA Stella... handy that we have a road trip coming up then...