December 10th, 2007

cute bear

The momentary clarity of fever

Aided by St Emillion at lunch but I was incapable of holding a  thought in my head for five minutes before that because of the cold that I fought off for days and days and suddenly succumbed to on Saturday; bleurgh. Thus I didn't pack any of the parcels I meant to post, I huddled in bed doing email all morning and managed to bend my knee right out of shape (thank $DEITY for ralgex and a hot shower), I shut the front door behind me and realised I was still wearing furry slippers and after that I still managed to leave my Oystercard behind and had to buy an ordinary price expensive travelcard ;-(

At this point my main thought was 'can has do-over pliz? but I did have a lunch that was both tasty and informative (Alistair Little: v v v good). I may have been a little more outspoken in my opinions than usual (omnes: is that possible?) and the branches of the trees against the sunset sky at 3.30 were incredibly detailed and clear, catching my attention as if it was weed in water.

The plan: turn up the heating, decide between taking a duvet to the sofa and taking dinner and a notebook with the Sling player up to bed, medicate more and early night. Tomorrow I shall be receiving the new microwave (the plastic panel covering the magnetron in the one we've had for years looks melted so we decided to upgrade to one with a grill in - Peter, if you're reading this, John Lewis has a smaller selection than Argos and Currys online but the selection turns out to be A more interesting B more name brands and less low end junk and C cheaper).

Look back in argumentative fashion

Huw Collingbourne used to brighten my days at PC Plus with copy, chat and writing scripts for the video column in which I dressed up as Emma Peel and everyone from the Village People except the one in the leather jacket. As well as growing palms, learning every language known to man and writing a Ruby IDE for Visual Studio, he has an online tech magazine called Bitwise and he asked me to give him some of those pithy forthright opinions on the trends of 2007. I did my top five and the other commentators have done most of what I'd put in my top ten - but there must be some big 2007 trends I missed? I didn't use the F word...
snark maiden

Windows on OLPC

Microsoft is working on adapting XP to run on OLPC. There's an interesting post about what's involved technically - having XP boot from flash etc - at, which also has a line that made me laugh and then wonder.
"We are not expecting K-6 school children to access the source code and do their own programming in the event they have to fix a problem in the computer."