November 14th, 2007

plane feet

Greening Las Vegas

If you watch Las Vegas (the show that no longer has James Caan in), there was a recent episode about green issues (nicely intercut with flying a guy off for an evening of surfing). Delinda get the green bug and wanted to turn the whole hotel greener. Do you know what our environmental impact is, she wails to Danny who replies that Las Vegas is in a desert and wthout environmental impact it wouldn't be there. But they do turn some suites green for eco-tourists, and promise to do more if it pays. Very pragmantic show, Las Vegas.

And someone at CES must be watching, as I just got this press release.
"In addition to offsetting the carbon emissions of all CES venues, freight, shuttle buses and hotel rooms, we will provide attendees with the opportunity to offset their airline travel via and kiosks on the show floor.

 CEA believes it will be fully offsetting its carbon footprint. The calculations do not even factor in the carbon savings due to CES. For example, CEA estimates that by offsetting CES and consolidating trips otherwise necessary for the same meetings, the net savings in travel miles is over 700 million miles.

CES will also debut a TechZone dedicated to environmentally and economically sustainable technologies which contribute to the social and cultural growth of the developing world. To remind attendees of their offsetting options and provide tips for a ‘greener’ CES experience, CEA will produce a “Greening CES” TV segment to be broadcast in all attendee hotel rooms, and attendees will also have more opportunities to recycle aluminum cans, plastic, paper and glass at CES.

CEA is taking additional steps to make the 2008 International CES more sustainable including working with its Las Vegas-based vendors to use ‘green’ solutions at the event itself. Seventy-five percent of all food containers and utensils used by the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) to serve CES attendees will be fully biodegradable and all surplus food will be donated to the Las Vegas Rescue Mission; recycled carpet will be used throughout the Central Hall of the LVCC; and all attendee literature will be printed on post-consumer recycled paper with soy ink. Likewise, only non-hazardous cleaning solvents and soaps will be used by LVCC staff and all light bulbs, batteries and electronics used by the show will be recycled and diverted from landfills."

With 3,000 exhibitors and 140,000 attendees that's a lot of light bubls, soda cans and bus schedules...

snark maiden

why did we spend the evening running up and down the Embankment?

Because we were playing a mediascape; it's a virtual real world GPS treasure hunt with added Whack a Mole. It was part of the latest London Girl Geek Dinner and it's huge fun. For full details with more pictures, see Mole at hole 2! No, hole 2!

I now have some of these on a GPS iPAQ including one where you help prisoners escape from the Tower of London and it would be a fun thing to do with a bunch of people. Whack a Mole is like rounders without a bat or ball and UXB is Battleship, Boggle and Mastermind with added beeping. On a serious note I think place-coded gaming will be a big thing and place-coded information will be a big thing, but I'd quite like to just play Whack a Mole again!