November 4th, 2007

full steam ahead

didn't go to Portobello, am going to Barcelona

My sister and her husband battled the lack of district line to come over for brunch yesterday. Hint; a matched set of cast iron skillets is great for doing griddled and roasted vegetables (mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and courgette/peppers/garlic respectiveley) while leaving the griddled clear for steak but the pan that's been in the oven will have a pretty hot handle.

The plan had been to wander around Portobello but we stopped at Kensington High Street for cookies and boot shopping and wondering at the odd sleeves on the cashmere jumpers in Uniqlo and getting sucked into Whole Paycheck. it's not the full US experience but it is very nice as a place to shop and a place to hang out and nosh. The hot chocolate is Ibarra style mexican spiced, the coffee beer is yummy and the salads are tasty and substantial with a proper slice of protein - griddled tuna for me. Things we like from the US we can now get locally; Dagobar chocolate including the raspberry rose and mon cherri bars, Dr Bronners 18 in one crazy religious liquid essential oil liquid soap (read the label!), JetBlue style blue potato chips, the full range of Anchor Steam and Sierra Nevada including the anniversary ale and fruit puree cocktail mixers. And if they can get a supplier they'll try the smoked halibut pate we adore. Also useful; eggs from quail to duck to blue legbar for sale individually, 10 litre size ecover.

Owing to my travel to Barcelona being arranged on Friday Simon and I are on separate flights so he left this morning and I'm on the platform at Clapham. We meet in a distant city (717 miles) where we shall eat seafood and talk technology. No change then!