October 10th, 2007

full steam ahead

The sound of rain and wind chimes

The pear tasting in Santana Row turned to be a pairing of pear, cheese and wine tasting plus cooking demonstrations so it was a bit pear shaped. We tried to have brunch at left bank but they basically ignored us so we had flaming cheese and mediterranean Thea, where saffronrose tried the basil lemonade and I had a latte sinking through its levels of colours. I went into the Container Store for an acrylic organiser and had a nice chat and a bamboo tray instead. Virtuously, we came home and worked.

Monday and today were devoted to conference with a side order or popping out to the bank only to discover that Columbus day is a bank holiday. We went back today and found the Barnes and Noble on fire - but the bank was open. Pomegranite tea from whole pay check - ooh, forgot the white pomegranite tea from Trader Joes when we bought the cornbread.

we'll blog on the work site about the conference but I came away convinced that Facebook is the new AOL; huge traffic and no business model to speak off. All the money is potential or based on the first batch of miners to arrive selling shovels to the newcomers, as one speaker said. And the MySpace conspiracy theories are fun. Facebook has a high level of engagement with what are basically the simplest memes. And Tim OReilly talked about services to do the kind of common sense joining of the dots of what computers already know about me that I've been thinking about on the desktop level. Expect me to rant about dumb computers for a while and to rave about tiny steps forward like Xobni.

Simon is checked in; the Virgin site rejected me with a sniff. Hope we can get seats together! I don't know if it will be odd or utterly normal to get home...