August 8th, 2007


SpeedFiler 2 is out

Along with ClipMate, this is one of my favourite utilities; it files email from the keyboard in Outlook - without the drag of drag and drop - and the new version works out the right folder based on past behaviour, which saves a ton of time. If you're planning to spend the few paltry pennies it costs, pop over to my review at for a $5 discount coupon (valid till 20th August).
snark maiden

Prince at the O2

Up to the old dome, refurbished as The O2, last night to see his purpleness get his freak on. You can put me down as 'I enjoy his music' rather than a huge fan but he puts on a very good show. We were in a box and just as I was introducing myself to our hosts the support band came on, so I got as far as 'I'm Mary' and then there came a fanfare. The support was loud and latino; good, but the acoustics at least in the boxes don't make the music as involving as it might be. The support came off, the roadies peeled back the black protective layer to reveal a yellow stage in the Symbol shape with LED lighting around the edge. The show was 'in the round' and some people were sitting at bar tables in the angles of the symbol - some of them were up dancing on the stage along with three professional dancers. And of course Prince, who hardly stands still. He's a real showman and the slick effects and lighting make for a really involving peformance. And the O2 is a much better venue that I'd expected - although at least in the boxes the acoustics are more Wembley Arena than Wembley Stadium; apart from the utter shambles of everyone trying to get into the tube station through one door with no crowd control at all, the place looks good.
the O2 spikethe O2Prince in concertPrince in concertPrince in concertPrince in concertPrince in concertPrince in concertPrince in concertPrince in concertPrince in concertPrince in concert