April 27th, 2007

full steam ahead

Trademark braids

I often tell people that having a full head of braids actually helps my career by making me distinctive. A CTO or CEO might meet a hundred journalists a year but if I catch their eye in a crowd they'll be able to place me. That's not the reason I braid my hair; it's because I like it. I think it suits me and after the four hours to braid it in and the odd half hour rebraiding regrowth there's no maintenance. But it's nice when the recognition thing works. At dinner in the new RFH Ping Pong with ladymoonray and tamaranth (thank you for a lovely evening!) a chap came over and asked if I wrote for the Microsoft Windows magazine because he thought he recognised me from my photo and he'd like to thank me for the articles.

Does this mean my fifteen minutes have started?